Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Had A VERY Productive Day

We had a snow day last week. Actually, to be technical, an ice day. I decided I would make use of the free time at home to be really productive. To get some things done. To clean. To organize. To work on my Ebay sales. Right after I went back to bed for a couple of hours.

OK. Good to go! NOW I'm going to be productive. Do some laundry. Clean the kitchen. Organize my closets. Clean the bathrooms.

And then the mail came. And I had two DVDs from Netflix. The last two DVDs of the last season of "Gilmore Girls". You KNOW I had to find out how it ended. So. My day was not TECHNICALLY that productive.

Unless you count lying in bed in my sleeping pants, eating tomato soup with Ritz crackers crumbled up in it (the FOOD OF THE GODS. And please. Let's not have another Pop-Tart with butter debacle here. Surely everyone eats their tomato soup this way) and watching "Gilmore Girls" as being productive.

If you count that. I was TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE.


trinity67 said...

Okay your way is COMPLETELY awesome.

And here's mine:
1. Ladle some soup into a bowl.
2. Crush some crackers and put on top of the soup.
3. Grate some cheese and put it on top of the crackers.
4. Ladle some more soup into the bowl.
5. Cru-you get the picture right? In the end you get spoonful after spoonful of lovely hot tomatoe soup, crackers and strands of melty cheeeeeeeeeeeese glorious cheese!

OMG and to accompany your soup and crackers with Gilmore Girls - the icing on the cake! I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Love it.