Friday, March 28, 2008

For Fun Friday, March 28, 2008

Do you deserve your high school diploma? I would have done MUCH better without the math questions.

How fast can you type? I got up to 69 words a minute.

Take this personality test to find out what career suits you best. Luckily, mine was education. Good to know I didn't waste the last 20 years.

Thanks to my sister for finding this one. If you like Scrabble, you will like this site.

Admit it. There are times when you wonder what kind of muffin you might be. This test is TOTALLY ACCURATE since it said I was a chocolate chocolate chip muffin. But of course.


NearyNews said...

I must tell you, I have come across your blog via the bluegrass mom's webiste(which I love) and now find that I am strangely addicted to the friday games! I get so excited seeing what will be on there next! I too was a double chocolate muffin, but I got more words per minute(251 the last time I tried it). Anyway, I love your blog! Keep writing!

sarah said...

well I got a 91 on the high school test...I missed the cube question, and I missed the immaculate conception...but I am not catholic, so how was I to know it was the conception of Mary??

Back Nine said...

Can you explain the meaning of soft math? It means that getting the answers just right-ish is ok, yes?