Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shocking Behavior

Have you heard about this? Apparently, there is a new sports bra with sensors built in that can determine your heart rate and send it to a watch you can wear, so that you can keep up your heart rate when exercising. If you are insanely in shape, like me, check out this bra at: http://www.numetrex.com/about/the-system

I am here to tell you that this is not an item of clothing I will EVER be purchasing.

The most I ask of my sports bras, which, as you know, I wear as often as I exercise which is often once in a while never whenever I realize I have, indeed, eaten an entire Whitman's Sampler, is to provide me a little support.

Not to electronically provide me with information. And really. Don't you think this is just asking for trouble? Next they will be making a sports bra that will actually talk to you. "HEY. YOU. Put DOWN the brownie and get back in there and walk on that treadmill." Or, wait!

I know. Next they will make a sports bra that will give you a tiny shock whenever you pick up a an iced sugar cookie.

This could be very, very bad for me. This could easily result in a situation where someone will find me sprawled on the floor of my kitchen, shocked to death.

With a cookie in each hand.


Anonymous said...

Interesting sports bra. I don't think I would like wearing one.

Jhianna said...

LOL I could use a sports bra like that (shocking me whenever I pick up an iced sugar cookie - can I get one that shocks me whenever I eat anything other than veggies and chicken?)