Monday, March 3, 2008

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway - Teeny Tiny Owls

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Only one taker on the little cherry plate from last week, so they automatically win. That makes a drawing pretty easy. Now, let's try again!

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway

White Elephant: Something of dubious or limited value (value being in the eye of the beholder)

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You know you want to.

I don't really like owls. I have no owl pictures, owl candles, owl placemats or owl guest towels. However. I fell in love with these twee bitty owls as I was browsing in Goodwill. They are so tiny. They are so very wide-eyed. They are so cute in their little group of three. You must have them. Someone must love these precious little owls. Please. Give them a good home. Each one is about 3" tall, so they won't take up much room.

Just to show you how sweet and weenie they are, here is one with a quarter.

Make a comment before Friday night if you want to give the owls a home. If you don't have a blog, be sure to leave your email in the comment. And be sure to check back next Monday.


Boo said...

Yep, I need those owls!!