Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riding Through The Glen

So, I was looking for some new TV series to add to our Netflix kwee (as my son-in-law called it) in order to fill the DEEP AND ACHING HOLLOW HOLE IN MY HEART left when I finished "Gilmore Girls" and I stumbled on a TV series called "Robin Hood". I thought, heh. Probably some old series that will be really lame but it might be mildly entertaining, so I added it. And we started watching it a couple of weeks ago.

Let me just say. If you like action and adventure and romance and stories about a group of individuals who are friends while at the same time being heroic and smart-alecky; if you like a show that can make you laugh out loud and bring tears to your eyes in the same episode, you are going to like this. Let me just give you one example. At one point, they think Marian is dead (of course, she recovers) and the outlaw gang is standing by her bed, mourning her. And Little John says "Her we liked". And Robin gently corrects him in his oh-so-sexy-could-you-die British accent and says "Her we looved. Robin looved." And it's so sad and so sexy and so fabulous, you could just die. Even if, for some inscrutable reason, Robin is talking about himself in the third person. I'm telling you, go add to this show your Netflix kwee now. You will like it. Let me know.

Apparently, there are all kinds of shows going on that we know nothing about. It's amazing the things going on out in the world that I know nothing about. I am constantly surprised. This show was produced by the BBC last year and actually just finished the second season in December. There will be a third season, probably in the fall. I was also surprised to learn that we get the BBC as part of our cable lineup so there may be other shows we will start watching as well.

While researching this "Robin Hood", I stumbled on a web page and this song began playing.

And I thought, " I KNOW that song. I have heard that song. It is faintly tweaking a childhood memory. It's the theme song from a TV show called "The Adventures of Robin Hood" from the 50's. I must have watched it. All I remember is the theme song. Sound familiar to you???


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