Friday, March 7, 2008

For Fun Friday March 7, 2008

I came up with 32 colors. What about you?

How would you do if you had to take the actual citizenship test? I did pretty well, but was surprised by some of the answers.

OK, this is pretty cool. Apparently, a LOT of Ebay sellers can't spell correctly and you can get great deals by locating items they have spelled wrong - because everyone can't find them! Check it out.

How much TV do you watch? Yeah, me too.

OK, I could TOTALLY sell some of this stuff too. It will be interesting to see if he gets any buyers.


Jhianna said...

I got 40 colors. I think they made some of those up (Zinnwaldite?)

The David Horvitz thing is pretty cool. I wanted to sell prayers/thoughts on eBay a long time ago. Something like his $1 for him to sit in silence and think about you for one minute.

I love his $30 meal for the first homeless person he sees.

Lisa said...

Misspelled auctions. I never thought of that but yes, I can see where you'd get alot of great deals!

Thanks for the great links. Am off to click on a few. :-)