Wednesday, March 19, 2008

But I LOVE Going To The Grocery

I have never understood people who say they HATE going to the grocery. I LOVE going to the grocery. Now, given, it can lead to situations where you are wandering through the aisles eating Pop-Tarts, but those situations are rare. Actually, eating a Hostess Fruit Pie is much more common.


Did I say that out loud? Forget I said that. I would NEVER eat an entire Hostess Fruit Pie while grocery shopping. And if I did that, say once, I would totally pay for the empty wrapper.

How can anyone not get excited about going to the grocery? There's all this cool, cool stuff there. And new products. Oooooh, I LOVE me some new products. Or even old products that probably everyone in the whole entire world has been using for years and I have just recently stumbled on.

Like these.

I know you have read about my picky, picky childhood wherein, if someone had tried to force me to eat a tomato in any form except Campbell's tomato soup, I would have spontaneously combusted from the heartfelt anguish, but now I am a big, huge fan of the tomato. I, however, had never eaten canned tomatoes. It took a while for me to get over my qualms about chunky things in my sauces, but once I got over it, I got over in a big way. Onions? Bring 'em on. Green pepper? Pepper me up, baby. And tomatoes? Oh my, yes. But who knew you could get luscious, diced up tomatoes in a can? Even flavored and spicy?

Oh. Everyone already knew? Well, what about the fire roasted ones? Did you know about those? Mmm hmm. I thought not. Try them. They are goooood.

And now, in the realm of products which are still fairly new. Have you seen this cheese? It's like the canned Parmesan cheese only NOT. Because it is FRESH. And you grate it yourself. With the handy, dandy grater built into the package.

Is that not absolutely the coolest thing you have EVER seen? And, why, yes. Those ARE scallops, olive oil and Alfredo sauce in the background. Because I am rather a gourmet chef.

OK, not. But when I told Tom I was going to put some Alfredo sauce and some cheese and some bacon on those scallops, do you know what he said?

"Well, you can't go wrong with cheese and bacon."

I love that man.

And he is SO RIGHT. Any recipe with cheese and bacon is automatically excellent. Except for fish chowder. But that's another post.


Barbara said...

MMMMMMMM! Can't wait to try the cheese with the built in grater!

Sonshine said...

Yumm! I had seen the tomatoes but not the cheese! COOL! These days, manufacturers are looking to market things for all of us time conscious people! That cheese will save someone alot of time in finding their grater, cheese and a bowl to grate the cheese into. :)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

what a fun post! I feel like you're talking to me like a girlfriend! And who can't use another girlfriend!? :)

I would so be heading to the grocery to get the grate-it-fresh Parmesan if it weren't for my infant's severe allergy to all things dairy... terrible allergy to have - no cheese! AAAAHHHHH!!! :) But I digress...

I, too, love to go grocery shopping! Always have. I even enjoyed being a cashier for Kroger when I was 18. And now that I'm on the coupon-wagon, I really love to shop! :)

Anyway, just thought I'd write a post in your comment section... hope you don't mind! :)

Nice to meet you!

Ortizzle said...

It is hard to top cheese & bacon. Except to top something with it, lol.

I like that built-in cheese grater. How long does the cheese stay fresh?