Thursday, March 27, 2008

Could Anyone BE More Organized Than Me? I THOUGHT Not.

Since Tom and I are now the only ones currently living at the old homestead, I find some of my recipes are a trifle large for just the two of us. So, I have become JUST LIKE some of the women in those inspiring women's magazines you see in the checkout lane at the grocery store and have started dividing my recipes in half and freezing part of them. This process allowed me to be labeled as SUPER MOM when Liz was sick and I was able to send home a meat loaf and potato casserole because I HAD THEM ALL PREPARED AND FROZEN! God. I am so, like, totally amazing.

So, when I made a cake recently because my sister was in town and was coming to dinner, I decided that a whole cake was just ridiculous. We could not possibly eat a whole cake. It would go to waste! It would mold! So, I bought two smaller pans and made two cakes. One to eat. One to freeze.

Why, yes. That is homemade pineapple cake with homemade cream cheese icing. Because, you know. I am SO FABULOUS.

I carefully wrapped up one of the cakes and put it in the freezer and served the other one. The cake was a big hit. We all enjoyed it. There was some cake left over. We were good to go. That was Wednesday.

This picture is from Sunday. Why, no. That is not the first cake pan. That is the SECOND. We had to UNFREEZE it so we could scarf it down. My plan was really fabulous. And it might have worked. If we weren't total hogs. But, man. That cake was good. Cakes. I should say cakes.


trinity67 said...

Um, could you please post the recipe? It sounds lovely!