Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Alternative Use For Energy

I have already told you about how geeky we are with the silly games we play about TV shows like Smallville. I thought I had told you how we embellished the game when the characters were no longer in high school and we didn't see crows anymore, but I guess I forgot to tell you that we started competing to see who could yell "Code Blue" first whenever one of the characters had to visit Smallville General. Which was fairly often. You can pretty much count on at least one person on the show getting banged up in some manner during every episode.

So, Code Blue. The new competition. Which he TOTALLY wins all the time because I lose my concentration and am actually watching the show, unlike some people who sit on the edge of the couch and watch for that freakin' Smallville General. And then yell loud enough to almost make me wet my pants.

And the evidence that he might be just a trifle obsessed about this?

This was on the fridge the other morning when I got up.

Notice how he cleverly turned the W because, not to name any names, but someone's grandson must have hidden the other E.

Now. Obviously, this required some concentration. Some effort. Some work.

This is the same man who is INCAPABLE of putting trash IN THE TRASH CAN. He thinks putting it on the lid is the same as putting it in the can. I am CONSTANTLY finding empty cracker boxes on top of the trash can.

Uh, no. No. Not the same.

Maybe he should expend the same level of energy on household chores that he expends on aggravating his wife.

But I have to face it. That is probably not going to happen.


Anonymous said...

probably not...


Ariel L said...

That's so funny!! But you're probably right. I doubt it will happen about the chores. It would be nice though!

An Iowa Mom said...

Believe me. Not gonna happen. I am the one always leaving the cracker boxes on top of the trash can, among other things ... and Big Daddy has tried to break this habit for years ... and I just won't change.

I also find it difficult to find the hamper when changing clothes.

You don't have to tell me ... I even find myself irritating.