Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Try It Tuesday: L'Occitane Milk Cleanser

Man. The things I do for you. I certainly hope you appreciate it.

And I KNOW you do because I got an email from my friend Maquel the other day who reads my blog and admitted that she ADORED toaster strudels so much that she actually had to keep them out of the house or she would eat them every day and then she was even inspired to tell me a little story about some friends who had stayed with her and they were from Australia and they LOVED toaster strudels so much that she gave them toaster strudels every single morning and then she had to swear them to secrecy so their mother would not know she had given them toaster strudels every morning. And this guile absolutely WARMS MY HEART. And also lets me know that someone other than my family actually reads these recommendations. Because she totally bought the face cloths I recommended and LOVES THEM.

And this is precisely why I just spent 30 minutes trying to locate information about this completely FABULOUS new face cleanser that I bought last week at Sephora. Because even though I LOVE and ADORE it? The label was in French. And I had some difficulty deciphering what the actual company was that made the stuff. Because even though I like to pretend that I remember those three years of French in high school? It doesn't help much to know how to say "Sir, a goat has eaten my shoe" when you are trying to translate the information about who made the milk cleanser that is a gift from the Gods. Finally, I managed to persuade my friend Google to locate this fabulous substance.

I have literally six different face cleansers lined up in my shower and, until now, every single one caused my face to look like I had just spent a week in the Sahara. Dry and flaky and tight. Not at all a pleasant sensation. And this is quite the contradiction to the way my face USED to be in high school which was so oily that I often had to SHAMPOO my bangs because my forehead made them so oily. Yes, indeed. I would lower my head over the sink, get a teaspoon of shampoo and shampoo my bangs. Then fluff them dry. And then apply some white eye shadow and a Bonnie Belle lip smacker. Ah. The good ole days.

But now. Now I have L'Occitane Ultra Comfort Cleansing Milk. Or, as the bottle says "Lait Delicat Ultra Confort" which, strangely enough, has nothing to do with either goats or shoes. But is indeed fabulous. After I use it, my face is as smooth and creamy as a baby's butt. And, as you know. That is pretty DARN smooth.

Try it. Let me know what you think.

I have to be honest. I had never heard of Julius before I received these books to review. Curious George, yes. Julius, no. Apparently, I have been living in a cave because Julius seems to be quite the phenomenon with everything from clothes to bicycles available. But I have to say, now that I have read a couple of books about Julius, I really like him. Read more at my Herald-Leader blog here.


Natalie said...

That sounds lovely. My skin has become an alien creature sinc emoving here. It is oily AND dry and nothing seems to satisfy it. I might have to try this.

bejewell said...

I can't try anything new. For years I searched and every time I changed my face broke out, then I found that good old Clinique Three Step System (although I only use steps 1 and 3) and I got hooked. Sorry dude. Keep the faves coming, though.