Thursday, January 15, 2009

"How Much Is That Magazine Because I Threw Up On It?"

"The magazine you checked out? You...threw UP ON IT?"


"Uh. Well. HOW did that happen?"

"I was running. And then I threw up. On the magazine."

"Well. It's $3.50."

"OK. I'll bring it to the library tomorrow."

You KNOW you TOTALLY want my job, don't you? Hey. He didn't throw up IN the library. Could be worse.

So I was reading a blog post the other day that started "Back when I was cool..." and I thought I should TOTALLY write a blog post that started that way.
And then I realized. I could never do that because I was NEVER cool. Seriously. I am not cool now. I was not cool in college. And I was absolutely not cool in high school. Read more at my Herald-Leader blog here.


Lynda said...

You should post the poem you had published in Seventeen magazine! But don't throw up on it ;-)

Bobbi said...

Considering I've been throwing up for 2 days, I'm surprised I haven't thrown up on a magazine!

Gary LaPointe said...

At least they didn't try to return it!

Scribbit said...

Yes could have been worse--they should see the positive.

Granny Annie said...

So what would happen if the magazine was simply returned vomit and all? Would there have been a $3.50 charge?