Monday, January 26, 2009

It Comes Full Circle, Doesn't It?

Tom has a new camera. I had nothing to do with the purchase of said camera. He researched it, he went and purchased it and he has been learning how to use it. I wanted something roughly the size of a credit card that I could tuck in my purse and use with one click of a button. He bought a big black monstrosity with a lens the size of Mt. Everest. He went in and out of the house the other night half a dozen times to determine exactly WHY it was not taking 4.5 pictures per second, as it was supposed to do. Wrong lighting. Hmmm. Can only take 4.5 pictures per second outside. Good to know. Just in case I ever want to take 4.5 pictures per second. Like that will EVER happen.

One of the things the new camera will do is take video. He brought it over to me to show me a sample video he had made, just messing around, filming the family room, etc. When it first started, I honestly assumed he had our son Mark do the narration. And then I realized that was Tom talking. Not Mark. Sounded EXACTLY like our son.

Full Circle.

He has decided he wants to learn even more about the camera. He used to have a passing interest in photography years ago but it was pushed aside by a budding interest in the new-fangled invention they called a computer. So he announced he wants to take a photography class. He wants to be a better photographer. Downstairs in the storeroom, we have boxes of pictures that his dad took. Really professional looking pictures that he developed in his own darkroom. He even entered a photography contest one time and was disqualified because the judges said his pictures were obviously taken by a professional. So. Tom wants to take pictures like his dad did, many years ago.

Full Circle.

Life is a strange and wonderful, nonending circle, isn't it?


Lynda said...

Life is funny that way, isn't it? We eventually actually LIKE our parents :-)

Merrie said...

I love those full circle stories of how we "suddenly" love something our parents and grandparents did - or our grandchildren "develop" a fondness for something we love.
Just a neat existence... especially when it is the GOOD things!:)

Bobbi said...

Great story! My oldest girls have come circle as far as gardens at their homes. When they were younger they told me they would NEVER have gardens - now they both do!