Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Try It Tuesday: Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudel

So. The holidays are now over, everyone is back at work and I am on a strict diet and exercise plan.

Yeah. You KNOW that is a lie. I might possibly have cut back on the Christmas candy and cookies but that's only because I already ate them all. So, in deference to the non-diet, I introduce you to my new favorite food. Toaster strudels. In particular, these toaster strudels. Boston Cream Pie. BOSTON CREAM PIE. Can you think of a more inappropriate, more calorie-stuffed, more unhealthy morning meal?

Me either. You want one?

Seriously. Pop-tarts PALE in comparison to these hot, flaky pastries which come with their own little icing packet. And, really? Any item that comes with its own little icing packet? Is good for me.

Let me know what you think.

I have now visited that location where individuals, apparently assigned to specific areas and clad entirely in black, wander around talking to each other about all the other individuals not dressed in black using tiny, unobtrusive microphones. Read more at my Herald-Leader blog here.


Lizzybee said...

"...just like a doughnut!..."


Natalie said...

I will have to find those and try them.

Granny Annie said...

Going on my grocery list TODAY!

Wep said...

I adore toaster struedels. Now I must try these :) Thanks!

Wep said...

Wait, we can't link to your post anymore???

Here's mine anyway.