Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Match Game. Not So Much.

My underwear is not matching today. And I didn't match YESTERDAY EITHER. Now, y'all know how I like my underwear to match. So, I am not at all content in my life right now.

Yesterday, I put on my darlin' light green lace, matching bra and french-cut panties and then slipped on my lime green polka dot sundress. Dang. I had forgotten that dress was cut in at the shoulders enough that I had to wear a strapless bra with it. Now, theoretically, I could have slipped off my light green lace panties and put on some of my white cotton bikini panties I use to work out in (when you work out hard every day and and get really sweaty, you just can't wear those silky, lacy panties. WHAT? I do so work out. Once in a while. You in the back. Stop laughing. I can SEE you.), but I decided that was kind of silly, so I just wore the green ones. And didn't match ALL DAY.

Then, today, I put on my light pink lace bra and panties and slipped on my fabulous hot pink and white check capris and my white eyelet top. And the light pink bra was showing through like a neon sign saying "I am a slut who lets my bra show though my clothes, even though it is a completely different color from my top." And we couldn't have that. Otherwise, I would have to go hang out at Wal-Mart to fit in. So, I had to switch to a white bra with blue panties.

I really can't imagine any situation where anyone but Tom might know that my underwear does not match except possibly my slightly sarcastic friends who might just ASK if my underwear matches today. Except now that I have told the entire Blogoverse this information, now everyone knows. But you can keep a secret, can't you? I knew you could. Thanks.


Carolyn J. said...

What's really scary is that you have a "matching underwear" category on your blog!

Nikky said...

wow, you and my mom should meet to shop for under things... she freaks out about matching. Sometimes I flash her my mismatched things just to freak her out...

Ortizzle said...

I don't need my underwear to match the clothes on top, but I do like the underwear itself to match. And, of course, having a bra strap show (which appears to be a fashion statement for many), is totally tabu for me. So... I do feel your pain.

Barbara said...

I feel your pain as well.

Another Matching Underwear Freak