Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"The Moon Was A Ghostly Galleon"

I slept in a fairyland last night.

There was a full moon in the black velvet Fall night. I know, because my room faces the moonrise and I can always tell.

I turn off my light, lie down and realize there is a bright light slipping around the blinds at my window. At first, I think it is the street light but when I peek out, I realize it is the full moon bathing the street and my yard and my room in silvery light. I get into bed and have to move my pillow over slightly so the moonlight doesn't shine on my face.

I can always tell when it has snowed outside, even if it is the middle of the night. I wake up and my room is bathed in a cold, bright, silvery light. This is like that. My room is like a fantasy land where the round, cratered moon slips in, shining brightly, and anything might happen. Fairies might fly and centaurs might gallop by.

The stripes of the blinds lie across my bedspread like shiny pathways to another world and the shadows in the corners are deep and dark and ebony black.

I slept in a fairyland last night.