Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cookie! Cookie!

So, I missed a session at the conference this weekend because I was too busy manipulating pictures on a blog post to go downstairs. I missed REAL LIFE because I was too busy with my VIRTUAL LIFE. That's a little something, I think. A little strange. A little surreal. A comment on our technology-obsessed times.

On the other hand, since I didn't have to waste an hour at the conference, I could have another cookie. So, it's all good.

Do you have a problem with pictures on your blog? How they always upload at the top, instead of where you tell them to go? So that moves everything down and then you have to drag that picture down in the right place and fix all the typing and then you realize you want to put one more picture on there and you have to start all over again?

I've tried putting all the pictures on there, then adding the text but if you hit backspace one time too many, it deletes a picture and you have to start all over again? It makes me crazy. I wish there was an Edit, Undo for when I make those mistakes.

I know you can tell it to put the picture on the right or left but has anyone figured a way to tell it exactly WHERE to put the picture so it doesn't automatically put it at the top of the post?

Or maybe it's just me. I hope it's not just me.


LizzyBee said...

A lot of times I go into the html part, cut and paste the picture's html into the spot that I want it to go.

Lucy's Mom said...

I do the same thing as Lizzybee. Cut and paste the HTML wherever I want it to go. However, it is a pain in the ass that it always goes to the top and then you have to cut it and paste it where you really want it to be. I don't understand why you can't just put it into the post wherever you want it to go. However, I guess that would be too easy.

Boo said...

I can't figure it out either...it's annoying!