Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bright Lights; Big City

Hi! I made it to the big city. No bright lights yet, but I'm sure they will be turnin' em on soon! Two things. First I'm going to cut my fingernails down to the quick if I DON'T STOP MAKING MISTAKES ON THIS FRACKIN LAPTOP KEYBOARD. AUGH And, second, I am such a TOTAL geek. I have pictures of everything for y'all! That up there is the river walk. I drove down there in the afternoon to take some pictures for you and I HAD TO PAY $3 TO PARK just so I could get some pictures for you. Do you love me yet? Well, you better. That's one of the bridges over the Ohio River, connecting Kentucky to Indiana.

I thought about having dinner here but I don't think I want to come back to this area at night. I bet it has a whole different aura, if ya know what I mean. I think I'll stick to room service. I'll try to have lunch somewhere interesting tomorrow to keep ya'll entertained.

Here's a fountain and a rather interesting sculpture just stickin' out of the water. Guess you have to be an artist to appreciate it.

Another interesting sculpture down by the river.

My tired and hot feet really appreciated the cool water in the fountain. Yeah, I probably looked like a hillbilly. What's your point?

And here's a view of the Louisville skyline from the river.

And here's the view from my window. I have some pictures of my room and other fun stuff, but I have to save something for tomorrow! I know you are excited and just can't wait. I'm excited too, but I'm tired and I need a hot bubble bath and a cookie. And my pajamas. And some room service I'm going to EAT IN MY BED WHILE I WATCH A MOVIE.
I am in heaven. Seriously.


sarah said...

Sounds so great! I as up in Ohio today, but just a day trip, no room sad.

Anonymous said...

Was that a tofu cookie you had in bed?


barbara said...

Hope you enjoy Louisville and the conference!

Anonymous said...

Only you could make Louisville look so good. Nice pictures. I hope you are having a fabulous time.

Raggedy Anne