Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just ONE More Minute

Where does the evening go? Seriously. I normally get home from school between 4 and 5 and we start the evening's television viewing at about 7. At some point in there, I have to cook dinner but we eat that and watch TV (yes, I know - shame! But, hey, it's just the two of us.) so that doesn't consume that much time. Time passes, we watch some TV and it's time for bed. I can't imagine where the time goes.


There is the computer.

First, I have to check the family blogs. Since we are rather a wordy bunch, we ALL have blogs. And I mean wordy. If you are a stranger who is hanging with any number of us, your head will whip back and forth between the conversations like you are watching a ping-pong match. And forget trying to get a word in edgewise unless you talk very fast or say something very interesting. And you better say it loud.

Then I check my favorite blogs. I try to cut back and only check on a few but then I get interested. OK, just one more. Wait. Those are just the CUTEST boots. I need to click over and order those. OK, I'm absolutely stopping with one more.

I also have to check my Ebay sales and my personal email and see if anyone has paid for anything, if I need to relist anything, etc. Then possibly just one more blog. And the time is passing quickly and I really wanted to finish reading that magazine or start that book or finish watching the pilot of "Gilmore Girls" which, incidentally? I'm not that impressed so far. But I'll keep trying because so many people are so ga-ga over that show. And I'll never forget how I almost gave up on "Buffy" because the first few episodes were lame and campy but then it got better and better and better until, OH MY GOD, that was a good show. So, I'll stick with it. If I can just find the time to watch it.

Just one blog. I'm going to get up in just a minute. OK, that's it. Seriously. I'm stopping right


Nikky said...

glad to hear I'm not the only one who does that... "I'll be right there" (10 minutes later) "I'm almost done, hang on" (15 minutes later) "Yeah, fine, geesh, ya nag!"
my poor husband, he is a saint.

Lucy's Mom said...

I can so relate....I can lose hours that way. Not enough hours in the day for all the stuff I want to do.