Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pinkeye, An Ear Infection and Drainage - Oh, My!

If I live to be 99 1/2, I think I will still be learning something new every, single day. Did you know that you can GIVE YOURSELF PINKEYE!

Yes. It's true. If you have a bunch of drainage from a cold or allergies, that drainage can in fact travel to your eye and cause you to get pinkeye. I always thought you had to catch pinkeye from someone.

Guess who has pinkeye? That's right! Give the girl a silver dollar! And I wonder where that expression gave from? After looking it up, I am astounded. I probably heard that expression my whole life and never realized it's true origins.

So, now you have learned something new today as well. Two new things, if you didn't know about giving yourself pinkeye. You have been warned.

OK, so I actually wrote all that yesterday and today I'm feeling a little better. But itchy, yucky pink eye yesterday meant no eye make-up. It was horrifying. I strongly resembled a drunken mole who had stumbled into the sunshine. It was not pretty.

I'm headin' to Lou-uh-vull tomorrow and will keep ya updated on all my adventures. Check my blog in the evening as I will want to share ALL my daily experiences with you. Prepare to be amazed.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope your pink eye doesn’t linger, you have places to go and things to shop for.
You learn something new every day. “Give the girl a silver dollar”.

Raggedy Anne