Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Block of Marble

Yeah. I'm a little embarrassed. I was looking for something in one of my old blog posts and I found a quote in this post about how DETERMINED I was to lose weight. Yes, I was just determined and I was going to lose it and I was going to look GREAT and...oh. That post was written NINE MONTHS AGO. And...uh...I weigh exactly the same amount. I have lost and gained the same few pounds, just like always. I'm trying to stay on Weight Watchers. I came back to school this year determined to lose the weight. But, apparently, I had that same determination last year. And probably the year after that. At some point, does the determination actually take hold?

When I went to my conference last week, I stopped at a bakery on my way out of town and got cinnamon rolls and cookies. Force of habit. I like to have snacks in my hotel room and I ALWAYS stop and get that stuff. I never thought about taking healthy stuff with me. Should have. I have to train myself. I try. But it's hard.

When I was cleaning the basement the other day, I was going through old pictures and found one of me when I was about 28. I have on a little terry cloth shorts outfit and I am tall and long-legged and slender. I want to be that person again. This person with the poochy belly and fat thighs is not me. That 28-year old with the nicely proportioned thighs and legs is the real me.

I read something about Michelangelo the other day. When he was asked how he got the statue of David from a block of marble, he replied that he just got rid of everything that was not David. It was very simple.

So that's what I need to do. Get rid of everything that is not me. Because that slender body is the real me. And I want to be me again.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the new perfectly made up face on you next week at Changs.

dawn224 said...

i love that imagery... mmm. :) good luck!