Monday, April 13, 2009

I Know EXACTLY What You Mean. (Actually, I Haven't Got A Clue.)

So, I went to my second actual, official meeting as an actual, official employee of the travel agency. An official travel blogger. You may remember when I wrote about the first meeting where I was dressed in my most fabulous raiment (why, yes, sometimes I just toy with you and make you look up a word - that's the librarian coming out), darling shoes and perfect jewelry and was all professional and stuff but was actually most concerned about the fact that nobody asked me to go to lunch.

This was much the same but my feelings are no longer hurt - I think everyone either has business to head back to or they are having meetings over lunch. Maybe eventually I will be privy to that business but, at this point, some of what they talk about is like a foreign language. We'll be listening to a presentation and I'm all "Oh, yeah, I know about that and that and whatdidhejustsay"? There is still a lot of travel lingo I don't get. But. You know how when someone is talking about something and you haven't a CLUE what they are talking about but you don't want to appear IGNORANT so you just raise your eyebrows once in a while and nod your head and maybe even act like you are making a note in your notebook when actually the note just says whatdidhejustsay?


That was me.