Monday, April 20, 2009

I Lost My Pants. But Not In A Bad Way.

It’s supposed to be spring around here but it’s still winter and I think I need to get some of my winter clothes back out only.

I can’t exactly find them.

It was warm over spring break and, gleefully thinking that warm weather would last and I would be wearing capris! and sandals! and spring dresses!, I carefully packed my sweaters in two plastic bins but my other clothes bins had been used to fill with baby toys when I cleaned out the boy’s room so I put all my pants in a white plastic garbage bag. I folded them neatly and tucked them in the bag, thinking I would put them in a plastic bin whenever I had a chance to buy one and now. Now that I need them again, I can’t find them. I’ve looked in my closets and in the basement storeroom and everywhere I can think of and I’m wearing one pair of black and one pair of navy that I kept out on the OFF CHANCE that we might have a cold day or two and looking longingly at my bright new capris and spring tops hanging in my closet with the tags dangling.

I have one pair of bright green socks in my drawer because I put off washing all my socks, thinking I would not need them again! It was warm and springtime! I would wear only sandals from here on!

So I guess I’ll have to wash some socks tonight or I’ll be wearing bright green socks with my black pants. Or possibly my navy ones. Since those are the only pants I can find.

I’m afraid I may have accidentally donated my pants to Goodwill. Since they were in a white plastic garbage bag. And that’s normally what I put things in to donate them.

So, at least until it warms up enough for bare legs and sandals and spring dresses and bright capris, I’ll be wearing black and navy pants. On alternating days.

And checking the weather channel. Often.

Update. I found my pants. In a closet. I have a vague recollection of thinking if I left them in that bag, I might accidentally donate them to Goodwill, so I hung them up. I apparently have NO MEMORY.


Granny Annie said...

I cannot tell you how much I loved this post.....well, how much my spouse loved this post. He worries when I tell him, "I've lost my pants!" I can't explain but it seems I never put them back in the same place and can never remember where I decided to keep them. I'm not talking underwear, I'm talking about slacks. Now he knows I am not the only one:)

Bobbi said...

Hehehe - this is what happens when I buy early Christmas presents - I put them away for later use and then can never find them!

Lynda said...

Whew! A gal needs her pants ;-)