Wednesday, April 8, 2009


There are exactly 44 days of school left. And, by the time I post this there will be even LESS. I have to add 10 days to that since librarians work some extra days in my district to get a complete inventory done, so I guess I actually have to work 54 more days. And then. I am DONE. Retired. Unless I choose to, I never have to get up and go to work again. Never. Ever. For the REST OF MY LIFE.

This is not a concept that I have a hard time accepting. Enjoying. Relishing. But it is a concept I find hard to believe. To imagine. To WRAP MY MIND AROUND. Because working? I have always done it. From the age of 16 to 56 I have worked. And now I don't have to. Of course, I am thinking about subbing or working part-time in a library because even though kids occasionally annoy me when they studiously pick their nose and then...well, that's quite enough. All you teachers know what I am talking about. Even though that annoys me, I do like the little monsters. Every now and then. And I love kid books. So it might be nice to see both every now and then.

And there's the travel blog. Which is going to to hopefully generate tons of income and free trips which I can earn while sitting at home in front of my computer in my sleeping pants. Can you THINK of a better way to earn money? Yeah. Me either.

But still. No ACTUAL job which requires getting up early.

So, approximately 3,918 times a day I have random thoughts go through my head.

1. Hmm. I think I need an oil change. I wonder when (checking the book in the glove compartment)...oh. I have a couple thousand more miles. That might be after school is out for the summer. Well. That's OK. I can get that done AFTER I RETIRE.

2. I think I might need a haircut. But I can go a while longer. Maybe even a couple of months. I can get that done AFTER I RETIRE.

3. I wish I had time to go to those yoga classes at the Y. Wait. I can do that AFTER I RETIRE.

4. What a great special on that cruise! I would love to take a cruise in the fall. Oh. I can do that AFTER I RETIRE.

5. I would love to to the movies more but the weekends are so busy...I can do that AFTER I RETIRE!

So, stay tuned. In just a couple of months, I'll be writing this blog. AFTER I RETIRE.


Lynda said...

Sounds heavenly!

Nance said...

You are living the dream...AFTER YOU RETIRE. I am so envious of you. I have three more years and then I. AM. YOU.

I can't wait.

Deodand said...

Those of us who are set to retire in 2038 are envious of you!

Only 29 more years to go....*sigh*