Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DON'T Try It Wednesday

I think I may have to start another feature, similar to "Try It Tuesday" which I could call something like "For God's SAKE, Don't Try It". And the logo could be a girl leaning over a toilet to show the extreme UNPLEASANTNESS of the product.

Or maybe not.

But I do want to warn you about the new Kellogg's Fiber Plus Chewey Bar with Antioxidants. Yeah. I know! They sound really good and really healthy and really delicious, don't they?

Uh. No. Now, actually, I take that back because they do TASTE delicious. However. Perhaps you remember this infamous post in which Tom actually sat up on the couch to ask me if I had some sort of problem after an episode with some Fiber One bars which involved...well...flatulence. Same thing here. Only I had one after lunch at school and the flatulence appeared within about an hour. When I was still at school. Believe me, there is nothing quite like trying to walk to the front of a class with your butt muscles tightly clenched so that you do not make a blatting sound like an old trumpet.

So. In conclusion. I do not recommend these. Unless you have a long, long spell of time in which you can be by yourself.

Like maybe.

On a tropical island.


Lynda said...

Thanks for the warning!

Lizzybee said...

This is hilarious!

Nance said...

But once you're Retired...! LOL.

Bobbi said...

Hehe - thanks for the warning!

Jhianna said...

You know, I was wondering what my problem was last night - and then I read this and remembered that I'd had a fiber one bar. Doh!