Monday, April 6, 2009

Who else?

1. Who else gets out all their spring and summer clothes and tries them all on?

2. Who else finds that EVERY SINGLE PAIR of shorts are now too tight?

3. Who else goes immediately to the Weight Watcher web site to sign on and get back on the program?

4. Who else finds that they CANNOT REMEMBER the password for the Weight Watcher site?

5. Because it has been so long?

Uh. Yeah. I had big plans to begin the major diet/exercise/lifestyle change/period of serious sugar withdrawal just as soon as I retired in June and had time to visit the Y for exercise classes but after the amazing trying-on episode in which my butt would have exploded from the shorts IF I had actually been able to button them, I decided, like, the time is NOW.

So the diet has officially begun. I KNOW! What a novelty it is to once again begin a diet for approximately the 3,129 time. But this time I am really motivated. Because. The other day I saw a picture of Valerie Bertinelli. In a BIKINI.

Peoples. She weighed 190. I weigh 190. She lost 50 pounds. I want to lose 50 pounds. She is ALMOST 50. I am...well...past 50. But not a whole lot.

I'm not saying I want to wear a bikini. Maybe a two-piece. But I want a bikini body. And I know it's possible. I have HAD a bikini body. it's been a long time. Like. A LOOOOONG time.

So, I had an idea. I would take a picture of myself in a bathing suit and post a new one every single month. I would call it "The Monthly Bathing Suit Update" and you could follow along with me as I lost weight and then finally there would be a picture of me in a two-piece.

So, I took a picture. Of me in a bathing suit. And then, because I am truly a good friend and would not want anyone to run from the computer desk screaming "My eyes! My eyes"!, I decided not to post it. The white thighs. The stomach rolls. The cellulite. Believe me, you do not want to see it. Let's just say that I look a whole lot better in clothes.


My new hairstyle looks pretty good.

So. How about a bathing suit shot. Of just my head?

Man. I don't look too bad in a bathing suit. From the waist up. We'll see how the diet goes. Maybe you'll get to see more in a couple months.

Be sure to check out my travel blog, which is back up. Thanks!


Granny Annie said...

Jan,I think you look bathing suit good.

I was heading that way but got sidetracked by two buttermilk pies this weekendf. Well,the grandchildren were here.....

I'd rather be camping... said...

this is a great idea...after I have this baby I will be joining you... the chocolate cravings are doing nothing for my shape (besides turning me more round:) the fact I was 21 with my first daughter and am 33 now...I'm going to need to lose weight to be able to chase this baby around:)
good luck on your weight loss journey, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Jessica said...

First of all, I wish 190 was what I weighed. Second, good luck with the weight loss. I love Weight Watchers and have had great success so far.

aclaypot4him said...

YOU!!!! are something else!!!

Merrie said...

I think you look really cute! I told my husband that I want to go to the tanning bed. He asked WHY???? We have a pool... I said, because I don't want to be "white" when I can finally get out by the pool. Besides, tan fat always looks much better! He didn't buy it - he said bought the house with the pool...
I know it isn't exactly "healthy" to tan, but it sure LOOKS healthy!
I'm certainly with you in the needing to lose and tone and get back to my skinny self...
Keep us posted!