Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Precious Boy

Precious, precious boy.

You were born too early and you were not much bigger than your daddy’s hand but I worried more about your mommy then because she was my baby and I knew only her.

I didn’t know you yet.

I know you now.

I know the sweet and warm curve of your neck.

I know that mischevious smirk.

I know your infectious, bubbly giggling.

I know your intense concentration.

I know your love of books.

And I know you love to lick the beater.

I know you now, my precious, precious boy.

What I don't know.

Is how I ever lived without you.


Lizzybee said...

First of all-little teary-eyed at work! Thanks a lot;)
Second of all-okay Dad I definitely need a nicer camera! Nice shots!

Who's Your Audience said...

omg he is the cutest ever! i just want to kiss his lil' cheeks. the smirk knocks me over. i agree with lbee - great pics.

Lynda said...

What a sweet post.

sarah said...

How great is this post !?! I loved it. Great pictures!

I'd rather be camping... said...

ok thanks for making me, the pregnant hormonal chick, cry like a baby.
adorable and so cute, keep this post forever.

Bobbi said...

Jan, your grandbaby is gorgeous! He looks a lot like you.

Deodand said...

He does indeed look a lot like you. Just think, in 18 years there will be a man walking around with your face :)