Monday, March 16, 2009

The New Girl At School

I went to my first actual, official meeting as an actual, official employee of the travel agency the other day. I would link to my new actual, official travel blog, but I'm still waiting for the IT guy to transfer the blog to the server after almost a month when HE SAID IT WOULD TAKE TWO DAYS but I'm not bitter. Not AT ALL.

Anyway. Signed the contract. Went to the meeting.

Do I have to tell you that I looked FABULOUS. Of course I don't. I had on a brand new black pant suit that fit perfectly, a peach colored stretchy shell that was not completely form-fitting, unlike some unfortunate choices I have made lately so my fat rolls were COMPLETELY camouflaged and also the most fabulous pair of shoes you have ever seen in your life. No, really.

And OMG. Sidenote here that totally is off the subject. What? I NEVER do that. What ARE you talking about? I just went to link to the shoe post and saw a comment from Betty, the lady who does my alterations - the one who actually recognized me as a blogger in real life and, apparently, came and read my blog which mentions her which, really, I think should totally count as having a FAN. Really. God. I would absolutely link here to the blog post where I wrote about almost being a millionaire from blogging, but I figure at this point you are kind of tired of clicking on those blog links, so you can just go find it yourself if you want to read it. Whoa. I already sound a little conceited. I better be careful. You know how easy it is to get a little full of yourself when you have FANS.

So. The meeting. Looking fabulous. I also had a simply marvelous new black leather tote bag that I had picked up to carry all my important travel information because none of the closet full of tote bags were EXACTLY RIGHT for this task. Of course, it only contained an empty notebook and a pen, but they didn't have to know that. I looked all official and stuff.

The meeting was great and I enjoyed meeting everyone and we had presentations from American Express and Celebrity Cruises and I actually knew what the Celebrity woman was talking about when she said they made all their own food on the ship, even the ice cream and I chimed in about how really, really delicious it was and everyone was taken aback at how TOTALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE I am about travel. Or ice cream. One or the other.

I really felt pretty comfortable even though I was in a room full of strangers, having only met two of them previously and this tends to make me a little self-conscious and usually causes my nose to run profusely. Really. It's a known fact. I always have to stuff tissues in my pocket whenever I present at a conference. But then the meeting was over and it was 12:00 and I kind of thought/hoped that someone might invite me to lunch but people paired up and went out in groups, chatting animatedly so I just acted all cool and stuff and slung my tote bag over my shoulder and pretended that I was oh so totally busy and had big plans for lunch with ALL MY FRIENDS and walked out the door and drove home to make some soup for myself.

So the meeting was pretty fabulous.

But I hope someone invites me to lunch next time.


Granny Annie said...

This is absolutely great. Please count me as a "Fan". I laughed so hard and read this to my spouse.

Lizzybee said...

HA! So next time we will plan it perfectly and I can call you so your cell will ring at the end of the meeting and you will look all important and stuff! And you can rush off to meet me!

Lynda said...

You crack me up - hope you find lunch buddies!