Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Frak!

OK, who else out there is also a fellow geek who was COMPLETELY immersed in the season finale of Battlestar Galactica Friday night? Yeah. Us too. Luckily, we are such INCREDIBLE geeks that we had to watch it live because we were taping two other shows at the same time and with our current cable setup, we can only tape record two shows at the same time. And I will never remember that we are not actually TAPING. Because I am of the VCR generation. Who actually PAID a membership to a video store at one point. Back in the dark, dark ages before anyone had thought about putting a movie on a flat little metallic disk. With a MENU so you don't have to fastforwardrewindfastforwardrewind until you find that scene you were looking for.

Because we watched it live, we were able to catch the last 11 minutes which I am sure we would have missed because we would have set the DVR to tape record for two hours because we did not get the news that the show was actually 11 minutes more than 2 hours. And, seriously. 11 minutes? What, are they just frakking with us or what? Sorry. Had to get that in.


We were pretty satisfied with the conclusion as a whole. I think they still didn't explain every single last detail but maybe they just forgot some after all those years on the air. I would have like it better with more happy endings, as I said in a comment on Heather's post this weekend: I also would have been more content with a happier ending - Laura is cured by Hera! Starbuck and Lee can finally be happy together! - but I was at least relieved that Helo didn't bleed out and die. I guess someone came along that corridor and helped him, huh?

And Starbuck was an angel! I guess that's what they meant anyway when Lee turned around and she was gone. And, incidentally? Did you know that he is actually BRITISH? We saw an interview with him the other night and there he was, talking in an extremely BRITISH way. That always amazes me that they can speak with a completely believable American accent. That an American can speak with a British accent is not amazing at all. I know. Makes no sense.

I could have done without the last few minutes of the show. I think it should have ended with them on the planet all happy and settling in for their new lives. I really didn't care to know that it was going to happen all over again in a few thousand years. Or was it? The angels(?) left that up in the air.

So, we will miss it. We enjoyed it. We came to the party late but caught up thanks to the magical world of Netflix and have enjoyed every single episode.

And now we are immersed in the world of three powerful and beautiful witches. Yes, we have succumbed to the allure of "Charmed". We are not exactly charmed yet although we find it mildly entertaining but we are assured it gets better and better. It was on the air for 8 frakkin years. It must get better.

Updates as the seasons progress.

So say we all.


dwain said...

I was totally peeved that they didn't finish off the story of Lee and Kara happily! You're right about the lame coda, but the worst part really was the Kara/Lee sendoff because it made no sense in the logic of the BSG universe. An angel? And poor Lee being left entirely alone was heartbreaking.

Not happy.

Wep said...

Ah, Charmed. My total guilty pleasure. The Cole years are the best. He's such a cutie.