Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Try It Tuesday: Quaker True Delights

I have talked about granola bars before but I just got a free sample of these Quaker True Delights and ate one after my lunch. Then I immediately walked to the computer desk, sat down and wrote this post because they are THAT GOOD. I have never had a granola bar that had such big chunks of chocolate and fruit in it before. It was so soft that I could actually smush it in the package - a real plus since I hate hard, dry granola bars.

Yes. It really looks like that picture.

They offer three flavors but I tried the dark chocolate, raspberry and almond one. Chocolate? AND raspberries? Yum. You can get a free sample here. Let me know what you think.

Check out some new children's books on my Herald-Leader blog today.


Lynda said...

That looks absolutely delicious!

Granny Annie said...

Oh, I ordered my bar and can't wait. I can do so much more now that I've got my satellite hooked up for internet. I can easily open the blogs and post my comments and connect to their links. WhooHoo!

Anonymous said...

I ordered one! It looks so good, it's made me hungry! Thanks.