Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Am So Technologically ADVANCED I Just Participated In A Webinar. Or Not.

So, now that I'm all worldly and well traveled and have a travel blog and stuff (although I am STILL waiting for my travel blog to be transferred to another server and platform - what would we do without the tech geeks of the world?) I decided to participate in a Webinar that was put on by Princess cruises. I have never been on a Princess cruise and was interested to learn more about their small ships so I could be more knowledgeable when writing about them...oh, who am I kidding? I was hoping in some small way to be noticed enough that some Princess bigwig would say "Hey! Look how TOTALLY FABULOUS that writer is! We must IMMEDIATELY give her a free cruise."


It could happen.

I was not absolutely positive what a Webinar actually was - some sort of online class with audio and video, I think - but I carefully signed up and planned my day around the 4:00 presentation. And, in between the time I signed up and the event was broadcast, I received no less than 4 FOUR email notifications to remind me.

Man, I thought. These people are really ON THE BALL. They have GOT IT TOGETHER. This will be a GREAT PRESENTATION.

In every email they reminded us to login 10 minutes early so we would be all ready when things began. I was a little nervous so I sat at my computer 15 minutes early, with my fingers poised over the keys.

Who wants to be that kid who is late for class? NOT ME.

So, I signed in at exactly 10 minutes to 4:00. Others began signing in as well. And then. Nothing. 4:03. 4:10. Disgruntled people began conversing aloud. I felt like I was back in high school. What's going on, man. Where is the teacher? Can we leave? Should we leave? When should we leave? Finally. A note from Princess.

Technical difficulties. Hold on. We'll be on soon. 4:15. 4:20. Chitchat grew more animated. I listened, not participating. Didn't want to reveal myself for the travel newbie I truly am.

Then. Technical difficulties can't be resolved. Webinar will be rescheduled. We will email you.


I was so sure about that free cruise too.

Update - they rescheduled. Still didn't work.

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Lynda said...

I'm still pulling for your free cruise :-)