Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Don't Need No Stinkin' New Years Resolutions

I don't actually have any New Years Resolutions. I could vow to lose weight and exercise more but I think we ALL know that is probably not going to happen. Although I do plan to cut back on the Christmas candy and cookies. But that is only because I already ate all of them.

I could vow to watch less TV but what would be the point? I am constantly learning all kinds of vital information from the TV shows we watch even though, at this particular moment in time, I can't recall a single one. But I'm pretty positive they exist.

I could vow to take fewer naps but then what would I blog about? Because when I searched for a blog post to put here as an example, I found TWO PAGES of posts. About napping. So, obviously, they are an important part of my writing repertoire.

I could vow to cook more meals at home but someone has to support the economy and what would all the employees of those restaurants do if everyone stayed home and cooked? They would go out of business, that's what. So, I'm actually being pretty darn noble here.

But I felt pretty strongly that I needed to have some sort of inspirational New Year-type resolution message here. Something that I could actually accomplish. Something to show you that I am not actually the slacker/napper/no-home-cooked-meals preparer/ individual I might appear.

And then I noticed this.

And I thought. That can be my resolution! I will clean and organize my desk!

And then I remembered the two books Tom got me for Christmas. And how I have only finished one. And that I have basically nothing to do all day today. And that. Well. There might actually be a few cookies left. That are in serious danger of getting stale.

So I got in my recliner with a quilt over my legs and I read a book. And ate cookies. All afternoon.

I'll get to the desk.

After all.

It's a resolution.



Nikky said...

Now THAT sounds like the kind of resolutions I could get on board with!

Mine suck... is it considered bad form to repeal resolutions so quickly after making them??