Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Squeezable Sour Cream

I was SO EXCITED to share this new discovery with you all today. So innovative! So fabulous! So totally and completely brand-new to everyone ON THE PLANET!

And then I went to my trusty pal Google and found information about squeezable sour cream from 2005. Oh. Not so new.


It's new to me and maybe to you too. This is truly a great product. I stumbled on the Kroger brand recently and haven't noticed any other brands but, apparently, they are out there. I still buy the trusty plastic container since many recipes call for the whole container but the squeeze bottle is wonderful for baked potatoes. Anyone else heard of this? Been using it for approximately 3 years? If you were in a state of no squeezable sour cream like me, you might want to try it. Let me know what you think.

Be sure to check back on the next two Tuesdays before Christmas. I have fixed up baskets of books and prizes to give away. You will want to register! The two themes are cooking for kids and arts and crafts for kids.
As you can tell from my posts with book reviews and the fact that I am a children's librarian, I like books.
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Granny Annie said...

You are excited so I am excited! No I do not have any squeezable sour cream and yes I absolutely MUST get some. Now when I dab sour cream on my spouse's baked potato and he says "too much" or "not enough" I can hand him the squeezeable bottle and say "Go for it!" WhooHoo.

Lynda said...

Never seen it before and it is a great idea!

Nance said...

But is it REAL sour cream or that "cultured" crap? I'm hooked on real stuff, like Breakstone or Helluva.

Anonymous said...

Don't have it around here but love the idea. I have used the clear squeeze bottles (like the yellow & red ones for ketchup & mustard) for sour cream to put on tacos & stufflike that.

Bobbi said...

This is something my family uses a lot of! It's great on baked potatoes or for mixing small batches of dip - very handy!