Monday, December 1, 2008

Graceful As A Gazelle On The African Veldt

You know how, when you get home from work and you go to the bathroom to pee and your tights and pants are around your knees and you realize you don't want to mess with pulling them up because you need to get into your sleeping pants anyway, so you just pull up your panties and kind of waddle down the hall with your tights and pants tight around your knees and then you kind of slide a little on the hardwood floors because of the tights and then, because you are holding up your pants and tights you can't catch yourself, and you give yourself a good rap on your head against the wall?

You know how that happens?


You never do that?


Me either.

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Granny Annie said...

Liar! You have done it and so have I. Only I didn't fall, I ran into my spouse who simply shrugged and let me pass.

Merrie said...

ROFL ,,, no, no, I never do that either... hahahahaha... oh, NO! not me!!!

Lynda said...

OMG - I just had a flashback!

Natalie said...

LMFAO!!!! Oh the visuals! Thankfully my shuffle is only across the hall so I have never banged my head...But I have gotten weird looks from my DH and the question "Um WHAT are you doing?"

Wep said...

Nope never ever ever ;)

hockechic18 said...

I saw your comment on 1000 awesome things and have been reading your blog! damn funny! ok and where do you get a comfy bra??

Christibear said...

Very funny! Doesn't happen to me, I just take them off in the bathroom and go to my room wearing my top and my undies. I do get some funny looks from the kiddos though.