Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Tried To Drown My Wal-Mart Bread

So, I bought some cheesy bread at Wal-Mart the other night. I had never tried it before but I had some ham planned for dinner and some red beans and rice and this cheesy bread just looked perfect. I came home with approximately 4,391 shopping bags and tossed the plastic bag of cheesy bread on the counter so I could warm it up in a few minutes.


Let me set the scene for you. There was a sink full of water and a few dirty dishes it it. That had been sitting there since morning. What? Don't you dare JUDGE ME.

So. Cheesy bread on counter in plastic bag. Sink full of water and dirty dishes.

I turned around and the plastic bag of cheesy bread was FLOATING IN THE WATER. How it got there? I haven't a clue. I swear I set it on the counter. It somehow magically lifted itself from the counter and plunked itself in the water.

I fished it out, cursing and grumbling but not really worried because Hello? Plastic bag?

Well, I am here to tell you that those plastic bags that Wal-mart puts that cheesy bread in? They suck. Royally. Because my cheesy bread was WET. I managed to salvage a couple of pieces and stuck them in the oven because I was sure the heat would totally dry them out. I had to pitch a couple that were totally soggy.

They dried out fine. It was actually pretty good. Considering they had been dunked into dirty dishwater. Aside from having to pick off some soggy parts? It was PERFECT.

Uh. Tom?

This is TOTALLY not the cheesy bread we had for dinner the other night. This is some OTHER bread.

This is absolutely a FICTIONAL story. Just to entertain my blog readers.

Ha. Ha?

Tom and I are not big fans of the spicy. I have never been a big fan of the spicy and, as we get older, we are even less and less inclined to partake of the spicy. But when I found this recipe for Mexican Cheese Soup for the first week of the Velveeta Revelations, I thought it would be just more at my Herald-Leader blog here.


Granny Annie said...

Well, I'm certainly glad to learn that was a "fictional" story. I could tell you a few "fictional" stories too........ Good save Mrs. Who!

apathy lounge said...

I could get down with a cheese soup of the Mexican variety. And Velveeta is always a good friend in that department, because hello? Ro-Tel?

Natalie said...

I have had that happen MANY times!

Lynda said...

You could turn that wet cheesy bread into soup ;-)

Wep said...

That was hysterical!!!!!

Bobbi said...

You're not at my house if there aren't dirty dishes in the sink!!