Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Just A Good Thing I Am Not In Charge Of Getting That Heart Transplant There On Time

So, I had plans to meet up with some of my girlfriends for lunch the other day. A friend emailed and we planned it right up and I made a mental note and, even though I was going to have Moose that day, I knew I could arrange everything because I am so ORGANIZED and SO AWESOME and I PLAN EVERYTHING so well.

I knew we would have to leave town at 11:30 to be there by 12:00 so we ran our errands, then went to the mall where we exchanged some sleeping pants, went to several stores to find little boy shoes with laces (per mom's instructions) with Spiderman on them (per Moose's instructions) and, although we had to go to four different stores and had to compromise on lace shoes with ELMO on them, we managed and everyone was happy.

And it was 11:15 and time to coat up and head to the car so we could be at lunch just in time. We popped in Red Robin for a corn dog and fries since I didn't think Panera would tempt a little boy's appetite and then, there we were. At Panera. At 12:00. I was marveling at myself just a LITTLE BIT. Because I had planned things SO WELL and I was SO ORGANIZED and so totally AWESOME. I may have even tossed my head. A little. Because I was that FULL OF PRIDE.

And then I looked around and saw none of my friends. God. I can't believe they are late. Don't they realize how ORGANIZED I am? How I PLANNED EVERYTHING? How I am TOTALLY AWESOME???

So, at 12:10 I called Debbie to see where everyone was.

And she informed me we were getting together TOMORROW.


So Moose and I had lunch at Panera.

He was great company.

Just not precisely the lunch I was visualizing for someone who is so organized, awesome and such a great planner.


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Granny Annie said...

I believe you are one of my family members. Perhaps there is a missing link. My sister once sat in a local restaurant waiting for her friend who was sitting in another local restaurant at the other end of town waiting for her. This was before cell phones. It was days before they found out why the other didn't show.

Merrie said...

Blessings and a very Merrie Christmas!

Jan Ross said...

Oh my goodness! Surely we share the same name for a reason!!! My husband and I traveled to FL and were supposed to meet up with a friend and her husband for dinner, meeting at a McDonalds in Lakeland. We waited for about 2 hours -- they waited at the McDonalds at the next exit for about 2 hours. Of course, before cellphones! It wasn't until we returned home that we realized we were both waiting at McDonalds only a couple miles apart. Soooo disappointing! But, the good part was hubby and I had a quiet dinner in a neat restaurant--one of the best meals we'd ever had.

Welcome to the world of "Jan Ross"! LOL

Totallyscrappy said...