Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Well, That's A Coincidence

So, I've been reading this blogger, Shannon, who has a blog called Rocks In My Dryer. I really got into reading her stuff when I stumbled on the Fall Bloggy Giveaway a few days ago and she is really funny and a great writer. So, anyway. She and Boomama and Bigmama (who are also hilarious and great writers) were invited to this concert in Alabama last week so they could blog about this musical group. I idly read the information about this Christian Rock band called Casting Crowns and their new album, The Altar and the Door. I had never heard of them. I was not remotely interested.

Segue to Saturday. I'm out shopping and running errands and generally having a fabulous time all by myself, since, as you know, I enjoy spending time with myself and the Country radio stations were really bugging me because they had so many commercials and so little music, so I started seeking on my radio. And it found a channel. And a song was playing that I just loved. It had a great beat and you could dance to it. And I guess that sentence will only mean something if you are over 50. But anyway.

The song was over and yes, you guessed it. The announcer came on and said it was "Casting Crowns" and that was a song from their new CD, "The Altar and The Door".

Well, I'll be... What? How. I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS GROUP. And then, within 24 hours, I am listening to them on the radio. Do you know the odds against this? Do you know how many times I have EVER pushed seek on my radio. Uh. Maybe once. Maybe twice. Do you know how often I listen to anything other than country or soft rock? Uh...never?

If that's not a strange coincidence. I just don't know what is. I guess I better start listening to this group. Maybe somebody is trying to tell me something.


Fancy said...

We have this little saying at our house...That's not odd, that's God!

And we say it often.

Looking forward to seeing you and your/my family on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The holy spirit is working on you girlfried. :) I love Casting Crowns. There are a lot of Christian artists you would enjoy. Seek and yee shall find.
My sister is going to see Casting Crowns live at Rupp this month.

Anonymous said...

oops, menat to type girlfriend. :)

aclaypot4him said...

My most recent favorite song of theirs is East to West. Pretty cool you were introduced like that...I had forgotten Fancy's saying, "That's not odd, that's God."

Enjoy the tunes!

BooMama said...

Email me (there's a link to my email on my blog)...I will totally send you a copy. I have ONE extra. For real.

Ariel L said...

I love them both... Casting Crowns, who are amazing! and Rocks in the Dryer! Another one of my addictions. ::sheepish grin:: Anyway, I'm so glad to hear you discovered Casting Crowns. I have some other good suggestions of similar musicians if you're interested. alowery527@gmail.com

bubandpie said...

It always happens that way, doesn't it? I remember awhile back I learned the word "diaphanous." I was sure I'd never seen it before, but then suddenly it was everywhere. (The funny thing is, it didn't last. I almost never see the word "diaphanous" these days.)