Wednesday, November 21, 2007

But Does It Suck Like A Dyson?

We have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. We bought it a looooong time ago when somehow, some way, we got roped into a home demonstration and were so enthralled with a vacuum that sucked the dust and crap into water! that you could throw away! that we had to immediately buy it. Even though we were TECHNICALLY not the sort of people at that point who could AFFORD an expensive vacuum cleaner, you can pretty much buy ANYTHING if you can make a minimal payment every month. We could easily make a minimal payment every month.

I love my Rainbow. It's FABULOUS. But. It is a little...unwieldy. A little...bulky. A little...pain in the butt. OK, it's a pain in the butt. You have to get it out, put it together, empty the water, put it back together and store it away.
Now. You know how much I love shoes. You know. But. I think I have a new love. Here it is. Yes, my pet. Yes, my sweetie. Let me just stroke you a little bit. Right there.

It's a Dyson. I have heard of Dyson vacuum cleaners. I have seen commercials on TV and in magazines. But I didn't realize they FOLD UP to to store. And suck up all the dust and crap by centrifugal force and pick up all the pollen and tiny, minute particles in the air and filter them out so the air it expels is cleaner than what it took in. And that it's a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER than the Rainbow. And that you can order them from a website that is super easy to use and that you can even order a handheld Dyson and all the different attachments and you get some free stuff when you do so...wait. I think I'm hyperventilating.

Seriously. Check it out. Although this is the one I put on my Christmas list, they have many different models - even some that are hand-held. And their site is very easy to manuver around. And, yes. I'm getting paid for this post. But I'm truly, honestly excited about the possibility of a vacuum that I don't have to put together to use. more time...FOLDS UP.

Dyson genuine accessories


Ortizzle said...

Dare I even ask how long I would be making monthly payments?!

LizzyBee said...

This price really isn't too bad compared to other vacuums. And I will say from experience it is totally an awesome vacuum. We have one in our office, to clean up paper bits and such. It picks up everything!

We actually have a Rainbow at home too, but when it is ready to replace, we will definitely look at Dyson.

Lucy's Mom said...

You should listen to your sister. I have a Dyson and we have had it for several years. Last time we needed a vacuum, we did extensive research on what is the best vacuum for pet hair. The Dyson won hands down. We have the pet hair model. It is the best vacuum I have ever owned in my entire life and I have been vacuuming up pet hair for 40 years. You can't believe the amount of pet hair and dust it picks up every time it is turned on. And.....afterwards? We just take it apart, wash it in water, clean it up and it's like brand new again. It doesn't get any better......Enjoy your new Dyson. You will fall in love.