Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Perfect Meal

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And now, the actual post. Truly.

I was reading this book the other night that was talking about the perfect meal. The absolutely perfect meal. And it asked what was YOUR perfect meal? I thought of several. Shrimp burgers on the beach in Pensacola. A local fish speciality in Isla Mujeres where Tom and I sat at a table inches from the beach. A chocolate souffle to die for on one of our cruises. Oh. I guess that's not technically a meal. Well, it totally should be!

And then I remembered. It was not the perfect meal. But it was with the perfect person.

Tom and I had gone downtown for the Fourth of July parade. We bought hot dogs from a vendor and sat down on the curb to eat them. They were not very good. Overcooked. The buns were dry. The sidewalk was hot and dirty and my butt was hurting. In between bites, I was complaining. Loudly. Annoyingly. Just then, a small dog rushed up and peed on the curb right by where we were sitting. We both looked at each other with our hot dogs halfway to our mouths.

And unhesitatingly Tom said "Well, the food may not be good but the AMBIANCE is great."

I laughed hysterically.

And remembered once again why I LOVE this man.

I hope everyone is having a perfect meal on this special day when we give thanks for our many, many blessings.

So, what was your perfect meal?


Anonymous said...

My perfect meal was with you, baby...


Nikky said...

My perfect meal was looking up from the stuffing created by the Gods (no kidding, my mom's stuffing will literally make you slap your mamma!) and seeing my husband. Just him being there made it the perfect meal.