Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey, E COLI! Come On In!

You know what is just the best possible, most relaxing, most wonderful Sunday afternoon EVAH?

1. Put some clothes in the washer and plan to go upstairs to relax with your new "People" magazine.

2. Notice a little water on the floor around the washer. Tell husband. Husband reassures you that's it probably just a little overflow from the drain. It will BE FINE.

3. Have husband get on the intercom and yell that "We have a problem down here!"

4. Go downstairs to find water everywhere. Stinky water. Water soaking into the edge of the carpet from the laundry room, the bathroom and the furnace room.

5. Throw all the old towels on the spreading water. Call Roto-Rooter. Discuss whether the homeowners insurance will cover this after the deductible.

6. Write a check for $250.00 to Roto-Rooter. After they tell you that there are some roots in the sewer line and it will probably get worse. In fact, you should just replace the whole sewer line.

7. Mull over the fact that you could probably go back to Puerto Vallarta for what a new sewer line will cost.

8. Never actually get to read your "People" magazine. Too busy mopping and scouring the floors so your downstairs does not smell like a barn. Full of horses.

But you know what is the most interesting thing about this whole experience? That when I went downstairs and saw this stinking, horrible mess, I did not think "Oh, how horrible!" but instead thought "This will make a great blog post."

And so it did.


sarah said...

WOW... this is so terrible!! How in the hell did you get roots in your sewer lines? What a pain!

Anonymous said...

Yuck! Sorry to hear about the sewer problem. Good luck getting everything back to normal.

Ariel L said...

That's crazy!! So sorry you have to be dealing with this!! And as far as the thought process, I've done that before myself. =P

BTW, Becky is registered at Target and not Baby'r'us.

aclaypot4him said...

The power of positive did make a great post!