Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bubble Yum

Hey. The next time you are feeling really tired from a long day of work and you have to run a bunch of errands and your feet are hurting and your throat is a little sore and you

Get in line at Wal-Mart behind a guy with just a few things in his cart who is obviously in a good mood. He is an older guy with gray hair but he has a wad of gum in his mouth and he is chewing merrily and humming as he unpacks his cart.

In fact. The gum looks so good that you think maybe you want some. Even though you don't really like to chew gum and haven't chewed gum in 5, 10, OK, a LOT of years.

So get to the register and look at the sugar-free gum and think about the Spearmint but decided that, oh yeah, good ol' bubble gum flavor! Buy a pack.

Unwrap it on the way to the car and stick about three sticks in your mouth. Chew. Enjoy. Then realize. This is BUBBLE gum. Put your tongue in the gum and marvel at the familiarity as you make a bubble shape, blow it up and then pop it with your teeth.

Blow and pop. Grin like a fool. Feel about 16. Blow and pop. Repeat all the way home.

You CAN'T stay in a bad mood. It is physically impossible.


Ariel L said...

Too funny! It's true though! There are certain things in life that you can have/do and just not be able to stay in a bad mood! Thanks for sharing! Made me smile!

Nikky said...

I'll tuck away that little pearl of wisdom for when I get the braces off!

For me, right now, I simply cannot stay cranky when I cuddle my dogs... nope, cannot be done!

Great post!

Leo said...

I gotta say, you kinda got me in the mood for some of the watermelon flavored, jaw busting, tooth killing, stuff.