Monday, November 12, 2007

Tofu Noodles and Chocolate Croissants

OK, we are totally into the diet thing now. Together. We are a team. We are strong and mighty and dedicated and have TREMENDOUS willpower.

At least Tom does.

Me. Not so much.

I am trying to plan menus and eat healthy and try some new, healthier foods. We have become apple connoisseurs and discovered that there are several DIFFERENT KINDS OF APPLES. Who knew? We love Fuji apples and the Honey Crisp apples. We are eating lots of fresh fruit and fresh veggies and grilled meats. We like the
Progresso O-Point Soups and we are eating yogurt and sugar free pudding.

Then I read about these
Shirataki Tofu Noodles which are 0 points, so I went to the local health food store to find some so we could try them. I bought several items to try and was doing really well, just stockin' up my cart with all this healthy stuff and then I realized.

The health food store has a bakery.

I tried to turn away. Really I did. I told myself I could eat an apple and have a nice, cold bottle of water. Yum! Wouldn't that be so good and delicious and fabulous was no use. I was already walking up the aisle. I had already seen the chocolate croissant.

This was the queen of chocolate croissants. Not only did it have chocolate on the INSIDE, it had chocolate on the OUTSIDE. I...bought it. And then. I ate it in the car. It's not that I was concerned that Tom would see me eat it.

OK. Yes it was.

He is SO GOOD. He has such great willpower. I just couldn't let him know about the chocolate croissant. When I pulled into our neighborhood, I looked down and realized I had croissant flakes all over my clothes. I was frantically brushing them off when I realized his truck was not outside. He wasn't even home yet.

I brushed myself off completely and carried the groceries inside. At least I only bought one croissant. I didn't buy more baked goods to eat later. Just the one. That should buy me some points.

But I had to confess in my blog. Even though he would never know.

The guilt was killing me.

Besides. I think there might still be some croissant flakes in the seat of the car.

Oh, and the Shirataki Tofu noodles - astonishingly good!! Tom is still complaining that I made him eat tofu noodles - but before he knew they were tofu, he said they were really good.


sarah said...

Apples and water...YUM! I totally would have caved and had the croissant too!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't hardly seem're eating chocolate and I'm eating tofu...

(next time - please warn me BEFORE you feed me tofu, eh?

Nikky said...

I don't think anyone in their right mind would choose water and an apple over a chocolate ANYTHING... and personally, I WOULD have bought more than one, AND hid them in the house to avoid having to share!

That's why I am not on a diet... I hate failure!

aclaypot4him said...

Looks like you've been caught! :O)You owe him big time now!