Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Myself And I Make A Great Team

I had an argument with myself on Friday morning. This doesn't happen very often. I get along GREAT with myself. We both love shopping and pampering ourselves and travel and reading and eating out. We are totally simpatico. We really enjoy being together.


We have had some disagreements. I'm still annoyed that I talked myself out of buying those navy blue boots. I said I only needed the brown and black pair. I should have listened to myself. I NEEDED the navy too. And there are the unfortunate hairstyle choices I decided on over the years. I argued with myself over some of them. I should have listened to myself. And there have been some serious disagreements lately about the merits of cookies vs. apples for a snack.

I tried to tell myself that I DID NOT HAVE TO GET UP AT 5:30 on Friday. That it was a records day. That I got to go in late. But no. Myself was just determined that it was 5:30 and it's time to get up and we will be late for school and GET UP GET UP GET UP. I tried to go back to sleep. But the internal argument kept up. I told myself to go BACK TO SLEEP, you idiot. And I tried. But I couldn't shut her up for an hour. Finally, we fell back into a solid sleep and then the alarm went off.

I'm still annoyed with myself.


sarah said...

This is so funny!