Thursday, October 18, 2007

What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him. Or Me.

So, we are in Puerto Vallarta!!!!!

Or, maybe not.

It depends on when you are reading this. If it is between 6:30 A.M. (Central time) and 1:00 P.M (Pacific Time), then we are probably still flying. After that, barring any unforeseen circumstances like a blizzard in Chicago (unlikely) or a bird in the airplane engine (much more likely) we should be in Puerto Vallarta getting ready to gorge ourselves at the lunch buffet.

Hopefully, at that point, my husband has not had a serious Aneurysm about the teeny, tiny little bits of information I kept from him about the trip until the very last minute.

1. When my family went on vacation, we left at the crack of dawn. Sometimes even before it cracked. It was always pitch black. My dad always wanted to get a couple of hours on the road before we stopped for breakfast. So, I am ready to go EARLY when we leave on trips. Tom. Not so much. He would really prefer to get up about 10:00, have some coffee and read the paper and then, very LEISURELY make his way to the airport.

Our flight leaves at 6:30 A.M.

2. We have a very, very, very comfortable bed. It has a pillow top mattress, soft comforter and high thread count sheets.

All the reviews of this resort talk about how incredibly, indescribably hard the beds are. Some may, just possibly, have even mentioned plywood.

3. Tom loves cold weather. He hates and despises hot weather. When we went to Cancun in January a few years ago, the weather was perfect. Slightly cool but warm in the sun and very cool in the evenings. I blithely assumed Puerto Vallarta would be like that in October. I checked the weather the other day to plan what clothes to pack.

It was 91. The weather report said it felt like 104.

These items are precisely why I am setting this to post on Thursday. After we are already in Puerto Vallarta. When it's too late for him to...shall we his displeasure. After he has seen our fabulous resort and our fabulous room and had several fabulous Coronas.

And after he sees this when we get back...Hi, baby! Love you. Really. I do. And didn't we have a GREAT time?


sarah said...

You are so funny. I hope you have a blast!

The early riseing-leaving before dawn to get a couple hours on the road must have also rubbed off on my dad!

Lucy's Mom said...

The early rising thing? Did not rub off on me. I hate to get up early. I will, when necessary, but we like to leave on a trip at a leisurely pace. I'm with Tom. However, you often have no choice when you travel. On our upcoming trip, we're leaving at the "crack of dawn". Plane leaves at 6 AM or thereabouts, so we need to be at the airport about 4:30 AM. Knowing my propensity for last minute packing, there may be no sleep the night before we leave. Of course, that means snoring on the plane and that makes times fly fast. so this is not a bad thing.

As for the very hot weather in Puerto Vallarta? I think you're in trouble.