Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Clothing Optional Day

Boy, that got your attention, didn't it? Ha. I didn't actually, technically, mean an ALL clothing optional day. Just some clothing.

On Sunday, I decided to do nothing. Aside from the normal things that required doing like cooking and laundry and Ebay shipping, I basically relaxed, read magazines and watched an On Demand movie on TV. I decided this sort of day did not require outside clothing.

I stayed in my pajamas and robe for most of the day, then took a nap. (This is my kind of day.) After my nap, I took a relaxing bubble bath and changed into clean pajamas. I'm not a complete slob, after all. I did stay clean.

It was kind of like a sick day. Only not sick. Like a sick day when you wake up with a headache and call in sick, but when you wake up a couple of hours later - it's gone. And you have the rest of the day at home. And it's kind of cool in the house but the sun is shining in through the blinds and you make some soup for lunch and eat it with your magazine propped up behind your bowl. And later you pop some popcorn and sit on the couch with a cover loosely over your silky pajamaed legs and watch a movie. And you know you don't have to worry about dinner for hours and hours.

And it's pretty fabulous. You should try it sometime.


Barbara said...

I've always called those a "Mental Health Day." We all need them!

Anonymous said...

...or a "practice retirement" day to be more precise.

(can't wait! - the anticipation phase, right?)