Thursday, October 11, 2007

Speaking Of TV Being A Major Force In Our Lives

Have you been watching any of the new TV shows? Aren't they GOOD? Just what we need at our house. More TV shows. Like we don't watch enough already.

Anyway. What do you like? What do you hate? Here's my picks.

Thumbs Up. Journeyman We love this show. You know how I feel about time travel stuff anyway and this is right up my alley. He travels back in time to help people who are going to make an impact on the future in one way or another. I do occasionally have to explain to Tom what is going on (He has some difficulty with the time travel concept) but it's worth it.

Thumbs Up. Sort Of. Chuck We loved, loved, loved the first show. Laughed out loud, loved the premise of the geek who is accidentally downloaded with top-secret government information, thought it was great. The other episodes were not nearly as good. This may have been more successful as a movie. We'll see.

Thumbs Down: Pushing Daisies Does anybody like this show? I would be interested to know. I found it really upsetting when he brought his mother back to life and then killed her. And the narrator's voice, telling us exactly to the minute how long everyone has to live. ANNOYING. Don't like this show it all. It was deleted from the DVR. The ultimate shame.

Thumbs Up. The Big Bang Theory Now this show will just prove to you that we are not high-class intellectuals. Like you ever thought that. This show is really kind of dumb, but we think it is hilarious. More geeks (are geeks in style now or something?) who live next door to a beautiful girl. I don't know how long they can make this show last. Maybe a season. But it's funny for now.

Thumbs Up. Reaper Again, not a highly intellectual show (Hey, we watch Boston Legal too!) but entertainly silly. And again (again) I don't think it will last long. But entertaining for now.

Thumbs Up. Bionic Woman We like Science Fiction, so this one is also right up our alley. Much better than the original and the characters are believable and likeable. This one may actually make it.

Thumbs Down. Moonlight Sigh. We had such high hopes for this show. We love vampires. We loved Angel. But no. It's just not the same.

Thumbs Down. Back to You Kelsey Grammer made a big mistake here. Writing is terrible and the canned audience laughter ruins any slightly funny moments.

We are waiting for Samantha Who? to start, so I have no opinion on that yet, but the previews look funny. Of course, that may be the high points. Also, there are a few other new shows that we didn't even care to watch that you might think are absolutely fabulous.

Tell me about it. Seriously. What do you love? What do you hate?


Anonymous said...

purple chai/oldewoman said:

We're really enjoying Pushing Daisies. For one, my daughter and I could listen to Jim Dale narrate the phone book forever; he's the voice of the Harry Potter audio books and we just love to listen to him. I enjoy the look and sound of the show; the plots are silly and don't even need to be followed. But we're sticking with it for now. (We have a very black sense of humor in my house.)

Fancy said...

We love Journeyman. I wonder if he will ever go to Roam!!!

We didn't like Pushing Daisies at all, but one of the girls in my office loves it.

JVS likes Bionic Woman and Chuck. I haven't seen either of those. I guess he watches more TV than me.


Jhianna said...

I'm with you on all of the ones you listed except Pushing Daisies. I actually like it, but I'm with purple chai/oldewoman - I quite like the black sense of humor things.

There are two other shows that I'm still liking at this point: Dirty Sexy Money (although I'm an episode behind now), and Life (and a disclaimer that I've only seen part of the first episode, but the other half really likes it).

Nikky said...

With my schedule, I don't get to watch too much, but I will agree on the Bionic Woman, my whole family actually sits together and watches that one.

I don't know tho, I have seen Moonlight twice (how many times has it been on?) and I thought it was pretty good. Of course, I don't know anything about this Angel you're talking about (I think it was a show, right? was someone from Moonlight in it?) and maybe that's a key, I'm not comparing it to another show?

Thanks for the reviews of the others tho, I've been curious about what I've been missing.

Carolyn J. said...

purplechai, I KNEW I knew that voice from somewhere!

I'm also enjoying the show Life.


Carolyn J. said...

Ach, crappy link, sorry. Getting used to a new keyboard.

Heather said...

We totally loved Chuck and Bionic Woman.

And is it just me, or does Katee Sackhoff's voice sound completely different when she's playing the evil Bionic Bad Girl than when she's playing Starbuck?

bubandpie said...

The only new show I've picked up this year is Bionic Woman. I'm not totally sold on it, but the Battlestar Gallactica refugees are enough to keep me tuning in for a few more weeks at least.

Phoenix said...

I love Bionic Woman and Big Bang Theory, also Private Practice and Friday night Murder CLub.

Chuck lost me and Journeyman didn't do it for me. I am looking forward to Samantha Who also.

Good thing for DVR's. :)