Monday, October 8, 2007

Ten Literary Characters I Would Totally Snog

So, Veronica over at ToddledDredge had a post the other day with silly post titles she has spared us. Interestingly enough, several of us commented that we would actually like to read the one about ten literary characters she would make out with. Oh, Veronica. You sly little minx, you. You passed the torch on to those of us that made those comments. By NAME. And you created a meme. So, being put on the spot and anticipating the flood of readers this would result in (what? a girl can dream), I had to really think. Think about those times I read a book and just sighed longingly when I read about the main, sexy, male character. So, here you go. In no particular order. Those I would snog.

1. Jamie in "Outlander", by Diana Gabaldon. Oh, Jamie, you sexy Scotsman, you. Just one little peek under that kilt. What say ye?

2. Nick in "The Stand", by Stephen King. He was a deaf mute, but that's OK, Nick. You and I understand each other just fine.

3. Christopher Snow in "Fear Nothing", by Dean Koontz. He has xeroderma pigmentosum, but so what? We can have all kinds of adventures out of the sunlight. And he has such cool friends. However, I would have to learn to surf. Maybe Liz can teach me.

4. Nicholas from "A Knight in Shining Armor", by Jude Devereaux. Who doesn't like a time travelling guy? And one who is actually a knight? Well, I sure do. Take off that helmet, Nicholas.

5. Sam from "Metro Girl", by Janet Evanovich. Sam, Sam, Sam. Sigh. And I don't even like NASCAR. But you can rev my motor any time.

6. Alex from "When the Bough Breaks", by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex, you sexy psychologist/turned police detective helper. You are so mellow yet you can kick some ass.

7. Spenser from "Hundred Dollar Baby", by Robert B Parker. Former boxer turned private eye, he works out all the time. Take off that shirt, Spenser. Just let me see.

8. Stone from "Shoot Him if He Runs", by Stuart Woods. I didn't realize I had an affinity for so many cop-type characters until I made this list. Stone, even though you are actually a lawyer, you do enough investigating and kicking ass to turn me on.

9. Steve Carella from "The Big, Bad City: A Novel of the 87th Precinct", by Ed McBain. These books have some age on them now, but I still love them. The tenderness and love Steve feels for his gorgeous, deaf wife, Teddy, make him incredibly sexy.

10. And last, but certainly not least in any way. James Bond from "Casino Royale", by Ian Fleming. When I was in high school, I discovered the James Bond books tucked away in the Mystery section of our local public library. The library was in an old Victorian house and the mysteries were in a corner room with a window that overlooked huge, old, overgrown trees that brushed against the window when the wind blew. I found one of the old James Bond novels and curled up in a chair by that window. In one of the books was the quote "He let the tapes of her taut slip." I pondered over that quote. I thought about it. I took the book home and read it again and again. I knew that he was undressing her. I knew they were having sex. It just took me a while to interpret the British writing to correlate tapes for straps and let for undo. This is the first time I can remember reading about sex in a book and thinking, thinking, thinking about it. And about the tall, dark, handsome, sophisticated, kick-ass secret agent who was the hero.

This was long before the movies. When I finally saw the movies, I was disappointed. Sean Connery was a pretty good James, but the one in my head was much better. I could develop whole scenarios in my mind in which I was the bikini-clad heroine who would win his heart while drop-kicking villains.

I still like guys to kick ass in the books I read.

So, what about you? What guys do you like in the books you read? Let's hear about it. I'm tagging Liz and Lucy's Mom and Bio Girl and Phoenix and Nikky. And anyone else interested. Let me know when you post.


Sharon L. Holland said...

Detectives, huh?

The only one of these I've actually read is James Bond, and I can't think of him in sexy situatons without remembering that SNL skit. "Mr Bond, you have 113 venereal diseases. One of which is known only in sharks."

Nikky said...

ok, I will do this within the next hour, I have a Business Income Tax class that bores me to tears, so THANKS for giving me something to keep me awake!!

Anonymous said...

Just commenting to voice an adamant second to Nick Andros. That guy was made of 110% awesomesauce.

Bea said...
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Bea said...

If you like time travelers, have you read The Time Traveler's Wife?