Friday, October 5, 2007

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

OK, so I'm a little late. This was actually supposed to happen on Wednesday. But what can I say. I've been working. I have been remiss in my blog reading. I hang my head in shame.

Anyway. My point.

Apparently, lots of people are reading blogs. Lots and lots and lots. But not many are commenting. Comments have fallen off even for the blog goddesses who live on Mount Olympus and only drink/eat ambrosia (this is a controversial point in the land of the gods) and put their eye shadow on with little tiny angel wings. Whatever. I have noticed a falling off in the comment department as well. From as many as...well...four or five, I might now have...well...two or three. It's an incredible difference. I tell you.

So, to the MOFO delurk day. Bloggers are asking their readers to delurk for just a moment. Just enough to make a quick comment. Just a sentence. A word. A letter....OK, I might need more than that. I think I will steal an idea from one of those Mount Olympus bloggers. Although steal is not exactly the right word. Teachers share all the time. I'm not she wouldn't mind if I share her idea. I hope not. If so, she can comment and let me know. I'm sure she reads regularly.

This weekend, I am going to the pumpkin patch with my family and friends. My little grandson, genius that he is, can now say pumpkin. And not even in Martian. He can say it in real Earthling. So we will celebrate this by getting him a pumpkin bigger than his head.

What are YOU doing this weekend? Comment, please. Maybe I can get as many as six comments. The excitement is palpable.

Make my day. Comment.


Ariel L said...

Jan, it's Ariel. I'll comment on your blog. I read regularly and enjoy it immensely. Thanks for faithfully writing! The pumpkin patch with Wes sounds like a lot of fun! Kids are great at that age. Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

LizzyBee said...

I am enjoying your writing as well, however I don't always have something to add-since you practically SAY IT ALL. Imagine that:)

Obviously I will be with you at the pumpkin patch.

Barbara said...

My grandson, who lives in Texas, is here visiting us. His birthday was yesterday, and A.T.'s birthday is Saturday. So this is a combined birthday treat for Grandpa and Grandson! Last night we went out to dinner, then to Brewster’s for their fabulous ice cream! I took personal leave today and we are going to the opening day at Keenland. Gotta teach the grandson how to bet on the horses (tee-hee). Then we head for northern KY and Cincinnati for the rest of the weekend. We're doing the Aquarium, the Purple People Bridge and Newport on the Levee, and the museums.

I know I am one those who now responds a whole lot less. This year I have more than twice the number of work related meetings than I had last year - and we had too many meetings last year! We've lost two planning periods, and have tons of after school meetings for both school and the gifted program. I've cut out being a KTIP resource teacher and doing tons of other stuff - but there still is no time! I don't get a chance to read your blog every day, but I also don't get to read the newspaper everyday.

Anonymous said...

I usually only make comments when I can think of something smart-ass to say.

But anyway, count me in as one of your six.


Anonymous said...

Love the blogs, don't always know what you are talking about, but I enjoy them the same.
It's a birthday weekend for our family as well. My niece is 18 today, my nephew was 17 Wed and my son turned 22 on monday. my daughter will be 17 this month and we are all joining together for a great big birthday celebration at the new italian restaurant, Freddie's, in lincoln county. can't wait. TGIF vj

Fancy said...

I love your blog. Hopefully we can get together next week while we are staying in the "Big City".


sarah said...

I am always reading, just not always commenting! I will, of course, be at the pumpkin patch with you this weeken. Gotta see that Godson of mine with a pumpkin bigger than his head!

Lucy's Mom said...

I too always read, just don't always comment. I think you must get tired of my always saying, I agree, I can relate, I think the same thing, etc. etc. We are so much alike while, at the same time, being so very different. It's actually a rather interesting phenomenon and certainly an argument for nature vs. nurture.

As you know, I've got a BIG weekend coming. Mom arrives tomorrow and having an out of town visitor for a month is a big deal. Lots of cleaning and shopping and prep work to get ready. So today, honestly, you're lucky I found the time to read your blog, much less comment. It's a VERY busy day.

Nikky said...

I throw around a snarky comment occasionally, but lately I've been bogged down with classes that are awful and work that is wonderful. Never (ok, ALMOST never) a moment to veg... but I still try to read!

Phoenix said...

I'm a horrible lurker, but I do read. I'm trying to be better about commenting.

ps. love the Mount Olympus thing.

Veronica Mitchell said...

Oh, the nothingness that is my weekend. I went to church, where my daughters danced in the aisle during the hymns, to the delight of everyone but me. And I took all the kids with me to shop at Sam's club. I am an exciting woman.

Edna said...

I always read your blog. It's one of my regulars. I just don't comment much. Not only for you but others as well. I worked a demo yesterday and did some cleaning and knitting and shopping today. Are you on Fall Break this week or next?
I'm on Fall Break this week so expect to be doing all of the above every day.

bubandpie said...

Well, this weekend I'm hanging around the house while everybody takes turn being sick. I bet my turn's next - yay me!

Jhianna said...

I'm late! I left for a long weekend before you posted this, darn it!