Friday, October 12, 2007

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall But Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I did not want to get up this morning. I did not want to drive to work. I did not want to work. I did not want to get out of my soft, warm, comfy bed. But then I did. Because I remembered. In less than a week I will be here.

And I will sit in one of these lounge chairs on the beach.

And a white-clad waiter will bring me one of these.

And then maybe. Just maybe I'll have one of these.

And I forgot all about how I didn't want to get up today. Because I won't have to get up early for four whole days. In paradise. And life is good.

Very, very good.


Anonymous said...

You wont have to get up early? What about the 6am flight? That sounds kinda early...


Anonymous said...

This is what we work for. You will surely enjoy your time in paradise.

Heather said...

Niiiice. Have a good time!

(And what's this about a 6 a.m. flight? I'm leaving Monday for Atlanta on a 6 a.m. flight--if you're on the same flight, I'm sure I'll know you by the fabulous shoes.)

Nikky said...

wow, talk about makin' a girl jealous... I'm happy for ya and all, but dayaaum, did you have to have all the pics? Now I have to wipe the drool off my chin...

Have a great time!

mrinz said...

Ohh sounds so exotic!

Have a good holiday!