Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ice Machines And Iguanas. But Not Iguanas IN Ice Machines. Because That Wouldn't Be Right.

When our bellman took us to our room in Puerto Vallarta, he showed us two very important items. The bottle opener under the counter in the dressing area (to open the drinks in the mini-fridge) and the ice machine in the hall. Tom was very excited about the bottles of Corona in the mini-fridge and I was excited about the cans of Diet Coke. All of which would be instantly replenished as we polished them off.

After we had our much-needed nap the first afternoon, I went out in the hall to fill up the ice bucket with ice while Corona boy went on the balcony to have a Corona.

However. Apparently, the bellman had neglected to mention that the ice machine had been built in approximately 1864 and was extremely cantankerous and arthritic. When asked to dispense ice, it grumbled, complained, shuddered and finally spat out a single cube. If you were very persistent and held down the button you could, just possibly, be rewarded with two cubes. Sometimes three. If you got three, you considered it a good day. It's the small things really.

And, on a similar I have no transition between subjects.

On the way back from breakfast one morning, we happened to glance out the back window of the hotel, which backed up to the side of the mountain and noticed there were three iguanas out there. Luckily, this window was across the hall from our room. Even luckier, we were several stories up from the iguanas. So they were waaaaay down there. Because if they had been any closer to me, I would have run shrieking and gibbering to the nearest bar and had several mojitos. Not altogether a bad scenario, in hindsight. Anyway.

Dark gray with striped tails, they blended perfectly into the gray boulders at the base of the mountain. They moved sinuously, bobbing their heads and sliding their tails against the rocks. They were quite large, Tom estimated 3-4 feet long. I had to get a picture for you. I tried taking one from the window, but it was too far away. Tom suggested I go to the tennis courts which looked like they were right beside them. He did not suggest he go with me. He does not fully appreciate the concept of blogging everything interesting that happens. So I went to the tennis court alone. Luckily, there was a high wire fence between me and them. And I got a picture for you.

And looking at this. I'm once again glad we were waaaay up and there. And they were waaaaay down there.


wordgirl said...

There's something fascinating about those creatures. Prehistoric and yet totally scary!