Monday, February 9, 2009

I Am Now Officially A World Traveler. I Think I Need Some More Suitcases.

Most of you know I'm now, like, an OFFICIAL member of the quite IMPRESSIVE world of travel professionals or quite possibly the least well-traveled person to maintain a travel blog. One or the other. Or possibly both.

I'm still figuring out my position in the Travel Authority company since this was a position we basically created after I walked in, handed them a resume and said that, uh, I might like to travel and write and maybe get paid for doing that? What did they think? And they said, uh. Let's talk.

So I went to this travel event on Saturday and I talked to everyone and generally tried to appear fairly well-educated about travel and cruising but even though I had actually cruised on several of the cruise lines - SCORE - I was woefully inadequate in the number of places I had visited - FAIL.

I spent a long time talking to the representative from General Tours and can I say again my travel experience is WOEFULLY INADEQUATE? Because even though I have been to a few tropical islands and to Alaska? This woman just got back from a safari in EAST AFRICA. My tales of POSSIBLY seeing some whales and spending all our time eating in Puerto Vallarta? PALE in comparison to stories about warthogs wandering through your kitchen and pictures of leopards that were so close you could almost touch them. If you wanted your hand chomped off.

So, even though I am now OFFICIALLY a member of the travel professionals? I still have a lot of work to do. A lot of places to see. A lot of suitcases to overpack.

But I am up to the task. And I'll keep you updated.

Check out my travel blog today for some special Valentine cruises.


Bobbi said...

Knowing you Jan, you will probably need at least 2 suitcases just for the shoes!!

Nance said...

My kind of job--travel and get paid for it. You have to start somewhere, though, so just jump in!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...